About Me

This is the blog of David Sairai

I had a weird start to my IT career. Started off at Gina with ZX Spectrum and commodore (thank you, Fr. Wolfe). Then when varsity fell short, I moved into the employment field in the fast food area, then moved “up” the ladder to being cashier of various stores.

Meanwhile, I was busy studying for my Dip in IT part-time at night at a college in town when one day during my lunch break as I was doing my COBOL homework, a gentleman came in at my workplace to buy some electrical cable. He asked me what I was doing, and I replied that I was doing my college homework. We had a brief chat and after seeing my COBOL homework and textbook, he said he has an opening at his company and if I am interested to join his company as a COBOL Software Assistant. Suffice to say, I resigned from that job the following day to enter the IT world.😄

I started to work in Linux, then I was a SysAdmin for various companies, including a public listed company Colcom Foods where I got involved in Navision (before M$ bought it) then finally bounced down under to SA where I travelled all over SA overseeing the rollout of Microsoft Retail POS system and Great Plains in various retail outlets.

I have got to know and understand the retail managed sector throughout my professional life. Aside from formal schooling and training, I’m entirely self-taught using various platforms such as A Cloud Guru, Linux Academy, Udemy, Cloud Academy.

I have worked at Colcom Foods Limited, The Foschini Group and Amazon Web Services………

Ok, I’m done……..😊