New ideas…

Side note as I have not posted anything in a while.

So this year I have switched tactics. Or rather changed jobs in January this year. I am now working for UK based ERP implementation company in Stellenbosch. Why? Because I wanted to widen my knowledge and skillset. Also now working on getting my Azure certification in place. now I have enough AWS knowledge so I am now working on getting at least 3 Azure certs this year besides studying part tie with UNISA.

Keeping myself busy is in my genes and though I Netflix and chill once in a while, I work on doing sprucing up my website and setting up a side gig. 

My daughter is homeschooling till she gets a place here in Stellenbosch but she wants to mix and mingle with people her age. I can feel her anxiety in her of wanting to be in a classroom but she will have to wait till the second term, hopefully, we will have a got a school for her. 

Its Easter so I started working on getting Javascript in order. I have been holding it back for a while so maybe in a couple of years, I will be a dev? Fingers crossed! .🤞🤞🤞