My Road To JavaScript

My road to a web developer started this year as I was tired of doing infrastructure work and looking at servers and hardware. Time for me to jump into the software side of things as it’s something I personally dreaded from day one since I did COBOL at college. hated thinking and programming but kind of found it fascinating to. Loved to download IDEs and various apps to look at but never did anything tangible. I remember I once downloaded Java NetBeans from Sun Microsystems and just looked at the IDE for days but never did anything. I was and am still in love with Linux.


After building many sites, I ventured into WordPress by building many of them like this blog and my company sites. The path has had many challenges like learning how to use GitHub, Google Firebase, trying various IDEs(Integrated Development Environment). I finally settled for VSCode. I found this IDE very easy to use yet very very powerful. It had many extensions that I have installed(I will make a list of the ones I use) and best of all, integrates with GitHub easily.


My second phase is learning JavaScript. And am in love with the language already. So much fun written code and see it work. This has given me the chance to start thinking outside the box and solve issues/problems. Some of the best tutorials that I have started using are and Wes Bos JavaScript30. I am now going to blog all this as I journey myself through this path of becoming a developer(eyeing app development like IOS or Android). 


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