Using 2FA

So many users have had their social media compromised due to weak passwords and poor settings in their accounts. Losing a social media account can be very stressful and painful as someone will have access to your personal messages and contacts. Here is how one can reduce the risk and prevent someone from accessing your account

  1. Use strong passwords min 8 characters consisting of CAPITAL letters, numb3rs, special characters(@#$*&!) – Password Generator –
  2. Use passphrases. These re sentence-like string of words that are longer than a traditional password e.g. “wackiness compound passive plastic”, “stomp grew driving criteria” Passphrase Generator –
  3. Use password managers like LastPass to store passwords/passphrases. Why cram hundreds of passwords when you can have a tool like LastPass( manage your passwords and it’s free. If you the paying type 1Password(I use this to store my passwords) (
  4. Enable 2FA(Two Factor Authentication – on your account All social media accounts have this setting for you to enable as it’s disabled by default. For other accounts you DM me
  5. Twitter –
  6. Facebook –
  7. Google –
  8. Instagram –
  9. use Authy (my fav and I use this tool) to generate the 2FA codes needed once you enter your password. It’s perfect as 1) it can be accessed from various devices and 2) you never lose your codes if your device is stolen or fails. – Authy
  10. if you like more info or help DM and I help you secure your account. My pinned tweet shows who I am for verification.